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Custom Computer Construction
Computers are often considered mysterious black boxes: you know how to use them but not necessarily how they work. Although this is the case for many people, Kauling Computer Services has a thorough knowledge of the workings of computers. He offers custom and in-depth PC construction, all the while making the order process simple so you get what you want in your computer.
Big name companies usually inflate prices for computer services quite drastically, even for minor repair. Why pay outrageous prices for nothing? Kauling Computer Services can cater to your needs at a price in your budget. You will be amazed how much money you will save when purchasing a custom built computer from KCS!
Speed Optimization
Computers today are lightning fast! Everywhere you look you see people playing music, browsing the internet, and emailing their friends all at once. When you bought your computer you could probably do this too, but how long does it take now? It is a well known fact that computers slow down over time. What isn't as well known is that this can be easily fixed without buying whole new hardware.
Kauling Computer Services is prepared and able to take your computer and give it that extra bit of life that it used to have. Most of the time this doesn't even require a hardware upgrade! If you aren't satisfied with the speed of your computer, contact us now and soon it'll be running good as new!