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Computer Repairs
When taking your computer in to Kauling Computer Services, you can rest assured that it will receive expert care and that its issues are soon to be resolved. KCS has the tools and know-how to get any computer back up and running like new, with the added bonus of a human face with which to do business. This means that you are going to get full service, without the hassle of being put on hold.
Data Recovery
Deleted a file by accident? Computer crash? Not to worry! There are programs that can recover lost files, even if a virus corrupts your operating system. This ensures that you never lose any of your valuable documents and files!
Wireless Network Troubleshooting
Is your laptop or PC having trouble connecting to the internet or not finding any networks? This common yet difficult problem can be solved by having Kauling Computer Services ensure that your computer is not getting any interference from other household signals such as cordless phones and other networks. KCS can also ensure that your network is secure so no outsiders have access to your computers or internet connection.