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Frequently Asked Questions

- How can you afford to make such inexpensive computers?

The truth is, this is how much computers are supposed to cost. Computer companies such as Dell and Apple charge a lot more money for parts than you can get direct from a retailer. The cost is really in their knowledge that they know how to build a machine while you don't, allowing them to charge pretty much whatever they want. Kauling Computer Services searches for the lowest price parts and charges a much lower price to build it, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck! KCS searches for parts from these distributors and more:

- My wireless connection keeps dropping, especially when I'm on the phone. What is happening?

Your wireless connection is likely getting interfeference from another device. Likely culprits are a cordless phone, another wirless network, or even any electrical device too close to the transmitter or receiver. Kauling Computer Services can run a scan in your home and analyze the interference to best configure your network for the best speed and reliability!