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Our Mission
It is our objective to provide the local area with affordable and dependable IT solutions. This includes computer repair, anti-virus installation, custom build models, and much more. KCS is dedicated to providing our clients with full support to ensure customer satisfaction and continued use of our valuable services.
Kauling Computer Services is owned and operated by Dylan Kauling. It aims to provide local computer users with a place to turn to when something is not working. These services allow clients to skip dealing with confusing IT departments, and also give customers a friendly and familiar face to answer your questions. By choosing KCS, you are not just paying for a service, you are hiring your very own "IT Guy", whom you can depend on. KCS aims to assist local computer users, ensuring that questions are answered promptly and costs are affordable. Don't ship your tech problems off to a faceless corporation: let Kauling Computer Services take care of them for you.